Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I give up

Just make it stop! Please! I can't watch, I can't listen, I can't even read about it anymore. 5 in the 9th off K-Rod to lose the game. Meanwhile, his old team clinches the division without his 162 saves. The Mets aren't even trying. Jerry Manuel is not even trying. They stopped trying around the same time they stopped getting hurt. Reyes is was trying. And he got hurt again, and he hasn't played since May.

I'm going to the game on Saturday to sit with the GKR group. That should be interesting - lost of Mets fans that mostly otherwise wouldn't be at the game at this point in the season from hell concentrated in one part of the ballpark to watch the game.

I'm going to the game on Sunday to sit in my "regular" seats, hopefully in those for the last time, where at least there will be some obstructions keeping me from seeing what goes on on the field.

Just make it end! Please!

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