Monday, February 1, 2010

Something out of Left Field

I just happened across tonight's edition of MLB Network's "Hot Stove" off-sesaon filler programming, and they showed what looks like a mini-series from their "Prime 9" show, the 9 greatest plays from Left Field.

On the list, they had a play made against the Mets (Kirk Gibson falling over backwards on the bad turf at Shea in the '88 NLCS Game 3), one made by a former Met (Kevin Mitchell's barehanded, reaching backwards catch at Busch Stadium in 1989 while playing for the Giants), and one by a Mets player.

"The Catch" (Endy Chavez) from the 2006 NLCS was voted number 1.

This is better than saying something about the thought of hearing "Hall of Famer" in front of Jon Miller's name every Sunday night this summer.

Incidently, looking at the recap of Game 3 from the 1988 NLCS (in which Gibson made that catch), that game looks like a candidate for a Mets Classic on SNY or an MLB Classic on MLB Network. I don't remember that series at all for some reason, but this was a Mets comeback win on a very sloppy field at Shea. It was also the game in which Dodgers reliver Jay Howell was ejected for keeping pine tar in his glove.

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