Thursday, February 18, 2010

The last first anniversary at Shea

It was a year ago today that the walls came crumbling down for the last time at what was once Shea Stadum. This is how I marked the event last February 18
I just received word from the posters at that our beloved Shea Stadium has come down.

It came down around 11:25 am on February 18, 2009.

They've been posting pictures and video almost daily for at least a month of demolition. As a matter of principle, I look there but won't post any here (except for the day we all went to Shea a few Saturdays ago). But you can look.

Even wikipedia has been updated with the news of Shea's final pieces.

I also posted some pictures from some folks at, but I can't look at them right now.

Big Yellow Taxi, lyrics by Joni Mitchell
Look at the lyrics. You can take a lot of meaning from them here.

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