Saturday, January 23, 2010

We need another Frank Cashen

A great article in the Port St. Lucie area newspaper yesterday (available online at by Ray McNulty on former Mets GM, and soon-to-be Mets HOFer, Frank Cashen, here. This is the type of GM that we need in Flushing.

Some items that I was unaware of.

Frank Cashen was an award winning sportswriter in Baltimore before joining the Orioles front office.

Frank Cashen created the Mets Hall of Fame.
“I started it because I think it’s good for an organization to honor its past and have successful alumni around,” said Cashen, who already has been enshrined in the Orioles Hall of Fame. “For some reason, the Mets stopped doing it in 2002. I was gone by then, so I don’t know why, exactly. But I’m glad they’ve started it up again.
Like I said, this is the type of guy we need running the Mets.

Starting with the 1984 season, under Frank Cashen (until 1990), the Mets never finished worse than 2nd place in the 6-team NL East, with 1989 being the worst of those years (87 wins, 6 games back).

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