Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet the Mets

This morning I woke up and started reading the headlines and blogs and saw a few posts on the passing of Jane Jarvis this past Monday at age 94. Aside from her career playing jazz music, she was also known to the first generations of Mets fans as the organist from Shea Stadium.

Her playing days at Shea were before my time. I only know her from the history that I've learned in my 23+ years as a Mets fan. So I'll send you to two of my favorite blogs to get some perspective.
Greg Prince shares a story of meeting her a few years ago.
And over at comes this post from almost 2 years ago about Jane. Update: -'s post today marking her passing.
In honor of Jane, please take a few minutes to find your "Meet the Mets" CD, and play the organ version of the 1964 Meet the Mets song. For me, it comes 3 weeks earlier than I would normally go to find it.

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