Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naming rights issues in Port St. Lucie?

An interesting piece coming out of the Treasure Coast in Florida about the naming rights of "Tradition Field" in Port St. Lucie, which you can read here.

To fill you in, it looks like the group that owns the name "Tradition" hasn't made their payment to St. Lucie County for the naming rights to the Mets' Spring Training ballpark (it was due a month ago), and there's speculation that they won't make their payment to the Mets in another month. You can catch up on the story here, here, and here.

While nothing's changing now, columnist Ray McNulty has an interesting idea for the Mets (from the first article linked above)
Pay for it yourselves — at least until Core Communities comes through (which now appears highly unlikely) or you can land another title sponsor.

Just write a check to the county for the $75,000 its not getting from Core Communities and, if necessary, eat the $75,000 you’re probably not going to get in March.
This is a wonderful opportunity to step forward during this economically challenging stretch and show your gratitude to the county and its money-strapped residents for 22 years of loyal support.

It’s a chance to buy a priceless amount of goodwill in the community at a bargain-basement price.

You’d come across as caring and compassionate, sensitive and generous, even noble.

All for a paltry $75,000.

And if you do this now, before pitchers and catchers report to camp, you’d create a feel-good buzz that would resonate throughout the team’s spring-training stay.

Some interesting stuff going on down there. It really shouldn't affect the Mets as a team at all. But Ray's idea of the Mets imposing some good will really could be a gold star on a blank sheet that they have right now.

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