Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The best of 2009

From 269 other posts in calendar year 2009, I have selected my 10 favorite, chronoligcal order, with a bonus 11th post:

Jan 19 - my trip to the MeiGray Shea Warehouse to pick up my items.
Jan 31 - a 10 post series on my last visit to Shea a few weeks before the last pieces were torn down.
March 1 - the arrival of my Shea seats
April 4 - my first impressions of Citi Field
April 14 - some of my early season impressions on Citi Field and the 2009 Mets
April 26 - my review of Citi Field after my first real game
May 2, May 10 - How I would fix Citi Field and one more idea
July 5 - My take on how MLB might be if it used tennis's replay system and technology
July 19 - A 4 post series on the MeiGray Shea Memorabilia auction
Sept 27-28 - A 4 post series reflecting on my last games at Shea
Oct 6 - My season-ending letter to Fred Wilpon

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