Friday, October 16, 2009

Today was a very special day

Reposting with more links:
I wasn't alive on this date 40 years ago, so I won't attempt to remember myself what happened on this date 40 years ago. So I'll defer to two other blogs who are good with this sort of thing.

On CenterfieldMaz, The Amazing Mets Win the 1969 World Series.

On Never Forget 69, 40 Years Ago Today.

And of course, on Faith and Fear's Flashback Friday, Greg remembers his first.

Of course, today is the 40th anniversary of the Mets winning their first world series. What a day it must have been. Tom Seaver should crack open a bottle of his finest vintage today to celebrate. I'm sure Mets Fan #1 Howie Rose is a bit misty eyed thinking about this day too.

Update: Several more blogs have checked in with their posts on the 1969 World Champion New York Mets.

Mets Walk-Offs And Minutiae wishes Happy Anniversary, 1969 Mets.

The Eddie Kranepool Society asks Where were you on October 16, 1969?

Blogging's own Dana Brand is quoted in an article by Mark Herrmann in Newsday talking about the 1969 championship, along with Al Weis from that team.

Much to my pleasure, we hear from Howie Rose writing on about the 1969 championship.

Marty Noble also penned an article on for the event with quotes from Davey Johnson. More on Davey in about 10 days.

Sadly, The Real Dirty Mets Blog in their daily This Day In Infamy With Rusty post did not include the 1969 World Championship. But from them, I do know to wish a happy 50th birthday to former Mets LF Kevin McReynolds.

Also, I received an email from reader Angelo Fusaro, who was at Shea 40 years ago today on a $10 ticket (and collected a patch of grass), said that the NY Daily News ran a list of "This Day In Sports History" itemizing 15 events of October 16 that did NOT include the Mets championship. I don't have access to the print edition (page 94) and the online edition doesn't show this list. Thanks Angelo and shame on the NY Daily News for excluding a very big moment in Sports History from This Day In Sports History.

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  1. Holy crap! I recently posted a blog on Kevin McReynolds' season of perfection (when he went 21-for-21 in steals in 1988) and how bitter I was that of all people, Chase Utley broke his record this year by going 23-for-23.

    I was such a big fan and I failed to mention his 50th birthday. Thanks for reminding me. Now he's a member of the NRA and AARP. TTYL!