Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Almost Over

I'm tired. I need a watchdog. When the time comes to plan my Spring Training trip, and I start talking about doubleheaders (which are really day-night split-stadium doubleheaders), talk me out of it. I left the Mets game today during the rain delay and heard the resumption of the game on the radio on the train just after it left the ballpark, got to the Devils game, and was tired before it even started. Left that game early too as a matter of being tired and not having to wait in Newark for an extra 45 minutes.

I'll do a writeup on the GKR day and other thoughts after I get home from tomorrow's game. I couldn't shake my extra seat. My friend and ticket-partner who had the other 2 seats couldn't shake his and decided it wasn't worth it for himself. So I have 4 seats to myself in Section 405. Come say hi. I'm pretty sure I won't back out, but I don't know.

It makes me think of this. These days, late in the season, is it worth it to go to a game that you've already paid for (and in my case for Sunday, pre-paid for the parking) when there's very little enjoyment, plus tolls (from NJ) and food costs? Or is it just better to cut the losses, consider the ticket and parking a donation to a Madoff victim (if that makes you feel better), and do other things (or nothing at all) instead? I committed to this game back in March and I hate backing out of a game once it's been purchased.

Remember this thought when the time comes to buy your season or partial ticket packages.

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  1. Tough call. If you've already pre-paid for parking I would go to the game. That's the bellwether for me. Buying tickets AND paying $18 to park could put you over the hump in terms of value. But if you already purchased parking, I say go for it!

  2. I think next year, I'm going to reconsider back-to-back games. I'll go, but I won't push myself to get to BP today. I don't know how I do this in Spring Training.

    When the attendance is 39,000 sold and 9,000 in person, that is a huge indictment on the team and ownership. I know some people bought tickets to sell (fans-turned-ticket-brokers) to offset costs of bigger games, but there's got to be many many others who just aren't getting anything out of being there.

    I would think that a lot of people just won't buy games in advance so they don't get stuck like this again. The ticket market has completely crashed when people can't sell their tickets and would simply rather not go.