Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update from MeiGray

I haven't heard anything from our friends at the MeiGray Group in a while about Shea Memorabilia, so I decided to go to their website and see what they said. They don't say much, you can see that here, but they do let you download their 2 spreadsheets (one of them is noted as being updated March 23, 2009) to see what's for sale.

As of 2 1/2 months ago, there seemed to still be a lot of overpriced Shea Stadium Memorabilia for sale. Some of it is on the auction block accessable from, with some items ending on June 11, and new items listed that end June 25.

I'm just laughing at these items that nobody has bid on them, either because it's over-priced or just plain old stupid to be selling and buying. With this economy, it doesn't surprise me that there's so much available. I really do hope they drop prices (a lot) to move this stuff out quicker so they don't have to pay to store it. Even things that 1 person bids on tell you that maybe it was priced too high, but it only needs one bid to make a sale (and don't forget the fine print about shipping prices - if you can get to Bridgewater NJ, go visit them in person to pick the item up).

It sickens me even more than the prices that some of these items up for auction and sale should have just been moved to the new ballpark and given a home there. I still say that when a family moves to a new home, they don't sell pictures of the kids, they bring them with them.