Sunday, June 28, 2009

I wonder if this is an omen

I was at a wedding today, where the band played "I'm a Believer" by The Monkees - our sing-along song for most of last season. Naturally, I think back to the final sing-along at Shea at the Santana game singing along from the bleachers with 1200 other die hards with the GaryKeithAndRon group (there was no sing-along in the finale because they were losing in the middle of the 8th). "I'm A Believer" was a good song for a sing-along, but doesn't have much meaning with Mets fans after that 2nd collapse.

Anyway, I wonder if it was an omen that later the band played "Twist And Shout", which was one of the choices for the new sing-along. Maybe that will end up winning. Maybe it was just coincidence since it was the song I suggested for the list.

And "Sweet Caroline" was played later in the party. Nobody booed (the groom is somehow a Red Sox fan).

It's time to fire up the radio and find the TV's mute button - time for Sunday Night Baseball.


  1. You know I didnt actually mind the monkees song..either way this is another thing the Mets get wrong in a list of many...why cant it just be meet the mets?

  2. I actually liked "I'm A Believer". It worked. It could be ours. But I don't see how any Mets fan can sing that song (just based on the title) these days, starting after the way last season ended. I'm certainly NOT a believer.