Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes from our favorite charity organization

I just found a note in my inbox from my favorite charity, Pitch In For A Good Cause, a.k.a. Gary Keith & Ron (I hope all of you are on their mailing list too).

They purchased 4 season tickets in the Pepsi Porch and are reselling them on a game-by-game basis. They have cool t-shirts. I now own 5.

I did purchase a ticket for their big "Main Event" on October 3. Why else would I pay $120 for a Mets ticket (in the outfield no less). I'm actually glad the t-shirt they sent me isn't one I already had. I know it can't top last year's Main Event in the penultimate game at Shea (you know, the "Santana game") with us walking on the field. But it should be fun (as long as the season doesn't end the same way as it did each of the past 2 seasons).

My video from last year (and an excuse to show/watch it again).