Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Training 2013 - Day 4

Day 4 - March 09, 2013 - Mets-Astros @ Port St. Lucie

Another long day in Port St. Lucie. Once again, I was on the back fields to watch whatever it is they do back there. I think the timing of things has changed since last year since I haven't seen a full squad stretching yet and they don't come out right away. Terry Collins and his coaches were out but not the players. He did come over to see a friend and chatted it up with the couple of us fans, signed a few autographs (of course, for me too). We got treated to a base running drill (to use his words, "teaching base running"). Then they spread out and took BP inside the stadium. The minor leaguers were out, but there wasn't much else to see.

Inside the stadium, during BP, they were a bit more open to signing. Colin McHugh, Mike Baxter (whom I already had from the parking lot the other day), and Anthony Recker all came over to sign. That's something, right? It's better than other days.

For the game, it was Jeremy Hefner's turn to pitch. He looked decent. The Mets seemed capable of putting away another bad team in the Astros. Parnell struggled in the 9th, mostly after he dropped a throw at first base that would have been the final out of the ballgame. Another reliever, Carson, struggled a bit too. But the Mets did win.

I'm taking a mini-vacation from Port St. Lucie and Florida's east coast. For the next 4 days, I will be reporting from games on the Gulf Coast, including a Mets game in Lakeland (not quite on the Gulf Coast), before I return to Mets camp on Thursday morning. I will try to report on these games and what the teams and stadiums are like, just from the perspective of a Spring Training vacation.

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