Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Training 2013 - Day 10

Day 10 - March 15, 2013 - Mets practice

Another day at Mets camp without a game. The team played up at Disney World, about 2 hours away, and I chose not to go. So I went to the Mets back fields to see what was going on. In the morning, there were the Mets big leaguers who stayed behind on the main field and in the stadium, and minor league teams working out on the other fields.

The big leaguers mostly worked outside of our view. The big bullpen for the back fields is several feet behind security, and that is where some of the pitchers were working after doing the loosening-up throwing in front of us. The hitters went inside the stadium, well out of our view, to take batting practice. There wasn't much more than that happening on the back fields from the major leaguers.

It was all about the minor leaguers on Friday. They invaded the practice fields. Frank Viola is a minor league pitching coach in the Mets system. He crossed between fields (before throwing batting practice to one group). I got him to stop and sign a baseball that had escaped from one of the fields. Aside from Sweet Music, the morning was a real bust.

I did learn that the complex would be open to the public for a minor league game in the afternoon. I came back after lunch to learn that it was 2 games against the Cardinals. And I had read on twitter than Daniel Murphy was going to play 2B and Matt Harvey and Shaun Marcum (both pitchers) would be taking at bats. All true. Anthony Recker was also hitting in the games. From that, I have no real idea how they did. It was to get innings in the field for Murphy and at bats for the others. I did see Harvey try to bunt and Murphy try to field a ball off the pitchers glove that he threw away (don't judge by those two examples).

I am going to write up a ballpark review of Tradition Field and the back fields for people that might be interested in coming down here next spring.

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