Friday, March 18, 2011

The Ugly Green Jerseys

Game 3, day 3, March 17, 2011 -- Marlins vs. Cardinals @ Jupiter

The Cardinals honored St. Patrick's Day by wearing the ugliest green jerseys. Take a look...

What's up with the white under the arms and above the name plate? I like the idea of green jerseys, but there's no reason to remove the green.

For the fan experience, well, I stuck to the Marlins' side to try to get autographs (they're 10 times easier to get than the Cardinals players), snagged Gaby Sanchez and Logan "LoMo" Morrison, and listened to the stories of the bat boy/clubhouse attendant in Jupiter of players signing in there or one player's reaction to being cut (sort of like Ricky Vaughn in Major League when he was prank-cut). Greg Amsinger of MLB Network stopped by and shared some stories of the MLB Tonight crew (I think he was there for 30 Clubs in 30 Days for the Cardinals and Marlins). Mitch Williams is crazy.

For the game, the Marlins won, scoring late. I didn't notice much about either team. I wasn't there to scout.

Roger Dean Stadium added a really great Italian Ice to their menu this year (almost as good as the one in Port St. Lucie). They lacked something like that last year after the Sno Cones disappeared (on hot days, those things matter).

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