Friday, March 18, 2011

Gym Class

Game 4, day 4, March 18, 2011 -- Braves vs. Mets @ Port St. Lucie

Let's start on the back fields, where to my best player identification abilities (without being able to see a name/number under the warmup jacket), I saw Luis Castillo playing catch with Jose Reyes during "gym class". Not long after I left the back fields and not long after the team left the back fields to take batting practice inside, Luis Castillo was released from the Mets. I found out a short time later. I'll see if I can dig up a picture of Castillo from the morning.

"Gym Class", as I call it, today had the players leaving the main practice field after stretching and them splitting up into 2 other fields on the quadrangle to do various drills before the regular lineup went inside the stadium to take batting practice. There was a pitchers' drill where they practice backing up home plate and I think some old fashioned infield/outfield.

Chris Capuano signed a few but had to stop after signing for a kid (it was mostly little kids, which I am not) to go back to work. Scott Hairston signed a few in between fields, as some of the players were crossing through the fans (and a good number of fans there this morning).

Inside the stadium, batting practice, as it was, for the Braves and then pregame was a very boring time with decent music playing on the PA system. It almost turns into a social time talking about better days for autographs while trying to stake out position for right before the game, which is total pot luck because a ticket holder can come in at any point to take your space away from you. I was down on the corner by the Mets dugout and saw no action.

I have to say, and I even told Mary Lou this (and I don't know her last name or official title, but anyone who has spent time in PSL knows who she is, and for those that don't, she basically runs the stadium) that I just love the new pictures that are up in the ballpark this year. It's better than what they have at Citi Field. See below for some of the examples if you haven't made your way down to Digital Domain Park or at least seen pictures.

In the game, it was a tight game, and the Mets won 3-0. Jason Isringhausen got the win in relief, but I didn't think it was one of his better outings (but I'm no talent scout), DJ Carasco started on the mound and looked good, as did Braves starter Jair Jurgens, and Ollie Perez and Franky Rodriguez were part of the relief corps. Perez had a 4 pitch walk, but otherwise pitched a good inning, enough to keep him on the roster for another day (I hear he's making the trip to Disney World tomorrow to face the Braves again). K-Rod also pitched an inning and didn't blow me away. I missed seeing Wright's home run (not sure where I was, but I did spend some time talking to people, taking pictures, and staying in the shade and eating).

These are just a few of the new color imagery around the stadium. To see them all, you need to come here and see them in person.

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