Friday, August 20, 2010

Kiner's Korner

There are rumors on the internet that our beloved show Kiner's Korner will return to public view beginning next Tuesday on SNY.TV under the name Kiner's Korner Revisited.

From Neil Best
Speaking of beloved New York sports figures, SNY is bringing back a baby boomer fixture with "Kiner’s Korner Revisited," set to debut Tuesday on SNY.TV.

The show will use surviving footage from Kiner's iconic postgame show as a starting point for discussions on past and present baseball topics with host Ted Berg.

Alas, little survives from the early years, but the nine episodes will feature interviews with Pete Rose, Bobby Valentine, Johnny Bench, Richie Ashburn, Ed Kranepool, Tommy Lasorda, Davey Johnson and Eric Davis.

I would print more, but I don't subscribe to Cablevision's IO TV service or Newsday newspaper. If anyone does and can help me out by copying and pasting the contents of that blog post to me, I would appreciate it.

I would guess see that old video tapes of Kiner's Korner would make up the content along with new discussions. I like this idea. And I vaguely remember a blogger (and I don't think it was me) suggesting that SNY should bring back Kiner's Korner. Well done to the idea man, and well done to SNY. Ralph won't be with us forever.

Another statement from another sports media columnist. Not really any more in terms of details, but I play fair. From Bob Raismann at the NY Daily News...

Ralph Kiner has plenty more to give, especially when he's confined to "cameo" appearances on SportsNet New York's Mets telecasts.

So, starting Tuesday, Ralphie's invading the Internet. He's dusting off a classic, bringing "Kiner's Korner Revisted" to SNY.TV. Over the course of nine episodes, Kiner will ransack the Korner Vault withdrawing classic interviews (Pete Rose, Richie Ashburn, Davey Johnson, Ed Kranepool and others).

Kiner, and SNY.TV host Ted Berg, will also talk about current baseball issues - like Keith Hernandez's extremely heavy work load.

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