Friday, May 28, 2010

Vote Early, Vote Often

Inspired by this post at

I stopped voting for the All-Star Game and for the most part, stopped watching the game all together. Early/mid April is too early in the season to even start to think about All Star Game voting. With the internet and other ways of mass voting that are easier than heading out to the ballpark, you don't need to lay out the ballot boxes and start the voting until probably now (think about how it used to be 20 years ago). And of course there is the farce of the winner's World Series getting more home games in November than the loser's (ok, that's a double farce). It was done to make the players take it seriously.

As Andrew Vazzano leads me to with the stats and votes, what gets the fans to take it seriously? It's a popularity contest among the fans, the game is a joke, and viewer numbers are down.

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