Friday, May 21, 2010

The Mets of Twenty-Ten

2008 was a season with some hope, lots of negativity (at least until it was cleared up after midnight one night), but it ended with the world crashing down on us. 2009 was a season in which it seemed there was hope, but it was just hopelessly bad. 2010 seems like a blend of the two. We don't have the injuries (at least not en masse like we did last year). There was lots of hope at the start of the season. The bullpen pitched well. We had a good streak at home. But it's all regressed into that blend of the past two seasons. I'm starting to feel the same type of negativity around the club (from the fans and what some in the media are writing) that we saw in 2008 (and that went on for a good couple of weeks for a move had to be made). I see the same lack-of-quality club we had a year ago (something that can't change over night).

Right now is a critical time in the Mets' 2010 season, and it's a critical time in the history of the franchise. They're playing the Yankees, a team that always seems to have our number (maybe not on the field, but in our collective heads). 3 losses here, which I can't rule out, for the last-place Mets, could really bury hopes for the 2010 season. It could show the collective pop culture that the Mets are losers (consider one or two good seasons out of 10, considering that 2007 and 2008 weren't good because of the way they lost). It could become a sequel to "The Worst Team Money Can Buy".

I've been saying for about a year now that the only way for the Mets to be on the right track is to clean house, remove the players and management that have had the stigma of losing over the past 5 seasons, and start fresh. It can't happen overnight. Remember that's basically what they needed to do after the original version of "The Worst Team Money Can Buy". They took a few years to rebuild into decency for the late '90s. They need to do it again.

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