Saturday, February 23, 2013

Live Televised Baseball

It's not about who's playing. It's not so much about how they do. Baseball is back, at least in the form of Spring Training. It's about waking up from the long winter slumber. It's about seeing this great game, either on television or in person. It's the sights and sounds. You might be up north somewhere where there is snow on the ground and rain falling, watching this game taking place what might be 1,000 miles away in the hot sunshine of March (or in this case, late February). The grass is green, the uniforms are colorful. If you're watching your favorite team, it's about hearing the voices behind the microphone again. The voices of summer.

The crowd is different. The sounds are a bit quieter during Spring Training. It's smaller, of course, and not to say they're silent, but it lends to a different, quieter atmosphere, while we're all still waking up to the game.

And it's a lot of fun to be there in Spring Training in person. Closer to the field. The warmer weather, and maybe a vacation for you. Closer to the players.

Baseball is back. And it's on my television.

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