Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stick a fork in them they're done

Ya, I said it. The Mets are done. 2 weeks before the non-waiver trade deadline. The team is toast. They don't have the depth to overcome the injury to Dillon Gee. The bullpen is falling apart (heck, I forgot that the closer is out and has been for what seems like forever now). They're a bit weak in the outfield with Bay (welcome back to Jason Bay, btw) and Duda. Hairston really isn't the answer.

I think the team has run out of gas. They've done this for a couple years now, giving us the illusion that this year will be different until sometime in July and then they come back down to earth. But with the 2nd Wild Card now, it changes the dynamic of the trade deadline and playing "hard" in September, and the Mets are part of that equation, but the Mets really really don't look like a playoff team, and I don't think they're built like on.

And the attitude around the Mets really is different with Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson. There could be a trade in the next 2 weeks to change things, but I think they'd have to give up the future in order to play for now, and I don't think that's wise (and I'll be anything that Alderson agrees with that).

Scrap it. Valdespin puts the Mets ahead with a 3-run PH HR in the top of the 9th.

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