Monday, June 4, 2012

Kiner's Korner

Let me throw this idea out for the Mets and SNY to consider...

Johan Santana should appear on Kiner's Korner, and it's not for whatever the gift is up to these days.

Hopefully I don't have to tell you about Kiner's Korner, that we're all old enough to either remember it or have heard enough about it. But where did the player of the game always end up after a WOR/WWOR Mets TV broadcast from 1962 through 1997? Kiner's Korner with Ralph Kiner. Johan Santana had a feat worthy enough in the realm of Mets history that warrants an appearance on the ultimate Mets postgame show. Next time Ralph Kiner is calling a Mets game, SNY should set aside 15 minutes (or 30 if they want to go that long) on either the postgame show to do an old fashioned Kiner's Korner with Johan Santana as the guest. He's earned it.

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