Thursday, April 5, 2012

76 wins in 2012

I'm going on record saying the Mets will win 76 times this season. That doesn't count the handful of wins in Spring Training.

They have the ability to win 85 games (on paper) with the starting pitching and sluggers that they have, but there are too many flaws in their roster. One of those flaws is the lack of depth. What happens if any of these starting pitchers gets injured or very much under-performs? Possibly nothing, at least until Chris Young is ready to go. What happens if Ike Davis or Lucas Duda get hurt? What happens if the magic outfield wall doesn't help Jason Bay and David Wright? Nothing? What happens if Frank "Armando Benitez, Jr" Francisco or Jon Rauch pitch like they did in Spring Training? They'll lose a lot of leads (but at least it's not the "same" bullpen as before).

Overall, the bad outweighs the good, the flaws outweigh the potential. 76 wins.

Mets 2012! Rejuvenated at 50!

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