Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 questions for an average New York Mets fan

Shannon over at posted a short survey the other day called "5 questions for an average New York Mets fan". He's gotten a few answers sent to him, but a few of my blogging friends have decided to post their answers on their own blogs.

1. When did you start following the Mets?

I'll say it was somewhere between Mookie's at bat in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and Opening Day 1987. I've told the stories of Games 6 and 7 of the '86 Series before.

2. What is your favorite Mets memory?

That's a tough one. I have so many good ones. Just being at Shea. The "Santana game" in 2008 on the next-to-last-day of the season (with the Gary Keith and Ron group and walking on the field). Being at the 2006 Division clincher and the final game of the 1999 season when they clinched another day.

3. What is your worst Mets memory or experience?

Watching Glavine melt down on the final day of the 2007 season on TV. Watching the bullpen melt down on the final day of the 2008 season at Shea. Watching a piece of Shea come down on the final day of January 2009 in person. 2009 was a bad year all around. Fortunately, I don't remember much of 1992 and 1993, or at least didn't care how bad they were when I was 14 and 15.

4. If you could change one off-field thing about the franchise what
would it be?

That's a loaded question. I'd do many things to/at/with Citi Field, which I've blogged about (paint job, retired numbers, tickets, seating views, names of things). If I could go back in time, it would have been fixing a few things at Shea to make it sustainable for many years to come. I'd clean house in the front office and start from scratch with someone who would clean house on the field. Retire a few more numbers. Mets museum. How many is that?

5. If you owned the team starting tomorrow, what is the first thing
you would change?

see question 4.

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