Thursday, August 27, 2009


In these bad days, we need to keep up our humor. It may be the only way to get us through these tough times.

Update: 1:03pm, 1:22pm with more posts
We start this morning with Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog, who reports that Several Mets bloggers have been added to the injured list. I feel their pain. looks at Luis Castillo's deal with the Devil.

Metsradamus looks at Omar Minaya's to-do list. Metstradamus is always good for a few laughs. He's like The Onion of Mets blogs.

At 24 Hours from Suicide comes a new version of Meet the Mets.

OhMurph looks at Mr. Met's concussion.

Dana Brand says it best on his blog.

And The Onion has to chime in with the, well, read it, a Centuple Play to end the season.

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